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Elevating Whole Health and Advancing Health Beyond Healthcare

We serve people across their entire health journey and address their full range of needs with an integrated whole-health approach. 

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Elevance Health brings together the concepts of elevate and advance, exemplified by our bold purpose of improving the health of humanity. We are a health company dedicated to making real progress toward improving the health of the people and communities we serve.

Ideas That Explore How to Elevate and Advance Health

A Health Equity Story Expanding Broadband for the Health of Communities
January 2023
Reliable broadband internet access could offer the same kind of community-wide health boost in the United States that safe drinking water did a century ago. As we work to improve community health — the collective level of overall health of a group of people — we look at what common factors affect their health. In many places, one of those factors is a lack of broadband access (defined as wired or cellular internet service such as cable, DSL, fiber optic or 5G).
A Whole Health Story Housing Instability, Its Impact on Health, and Innovative New Solutions
January 25, 2023
We know that when it comes to our health, social drivers can be just as important as physical and behavioral drivers. Do we have access to nutritious food? Do we have reliable transportation? Are we able to see a doctor when we need to? And do we have a stable place to call home? Multiple studies show that people who experience housing instability or homelessness are more likely to have untreated health conditions.

Health Equity

Health equity is about giving everyone the chance to be as healthy as possible. More equitable healthcare is attainable. However, health inequities impact all of us, causing higher illness and death rates and greater financial strain at both community and national levels. It is imperative we overcome these barriers that prevent better health for everyone. 

A Health Equity Story

The Real Benefits of Achieving NCQA Health Equity Accreditation

Using data-based evaluation techniques and a rigorous dedication to quality, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is one of the nation’s most respected healthcare quality measurement organizations. Elevance Health has recently demonstrated our dedication to advancing health equity by undergoing NCQA’s first full Health Equity accreditation survey. As a result, 22 of our Medicaid plans are some of the first in the nation to earn a full three-year NCQA Health Equity Accreditation. This brings 93% of our 8 million Medicaid members into an accredited plan, which is an industry first. While many companies can say they are committed to health equity, this accreditation validates we are leaders in doing the work to advance health equity.

We believe everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, clean air, stable housing, transportation, and nutritious food — access that leads to better health. When some of us don’t have equitable access, everyone is affected."

Dr. Shantanu Agrawal

Elevance Health Chief Health Officer