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Elevating Whole Health and Advancing Health Beyond Healthcare

We serve people across their entire health journey and address their full range of needs with an integrated whole-health approach. 

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Elevance Health brings together the concepts of elevate and advance, exemplified by our bold purpose of improving the health of humanity. We are a health company dedicated to making real progress toward improving the health of the people and communities we serve.

Ideas That Explore How to Elevate and Advance Health

A Whole Health Story

The Whole Health Story: Shauna’s Path to Recovery

Shauna Griffin’s life had become unmanageable. In her thirties, her hands and feet regularly went numb from alcoholic neuropathy, which made it painful for her to drive or work at her job as a product manager for a Florida vintage retail store. Later, she began experiencing seizures and jaundice; she lost roughly 50 pounds from inflammation of her pancreas.

Whole Health And What Drives It
May 23, 2024

A Whole Health Story

The Whole Health Story: Lavetta Finds Healing Through a Support Group

Lavetta Smith first thought the irritation on her face was a pimple or a blemish. She had no reason to think she was ill. She lived the stereotypically fast-paced life of a New Yorker in 2003. When she wasn’t working in marketing for a cosmetics company or raising her two kids, Smith loved to dance. But when a dermatologist showed up to her employer’s health fair, she decided to ask him to take a look.

Whole Health And What Drives It
May 24, 2024

Digitally Enabled Healthcare

Hidden in more than 30 years of healthcare data could be the cure for cancer, new therapies for mental illness, or insights into how nutrition can fend off disease. Digitally enabled healthcare integrates data, leverages artificial intelligence, and applies insights to improve healthcare. This includes care delivery, experiences, and outcomes.

A Digitally Enabled Healthcare Story

New Telehealth Tools Give Doctors More Real-Time Data

Telehealth visits have been an essential connection to healthcare for millions of people in recent years. Typically, they consist of a video conversation between doctor and patient. New telehealth tools are helping doctors take these visits even further — giving them real-time patient data like they would get during in-person visits.

Elevance Health offers some members in five of its affiliated health plans the ability to use a remote exam kit during their telehealth visits. The exam kits allow doctors to listen to their patients’ hearts and lungs and see inside their mouths and ears.

We are making progress toward the day when one call, click, or visit sets a person on a connected and personalized journey to improve their health. In the pursuit of addressing each person’s health, we are bringing tools, resources, and information together into one place.”

Ashok Chennuru

Global Chief Data & Insights Officer, Carelon Digital Platforms