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Elevating Whole Health and Advancing Health Beyond Healthcare

We serve people across their entire health journey and address their full range of needs with an integrated whole-health approach. 

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Elevance Health brings together the concepts of elevate and advance, exemplified by our bold purpose of improving the health of humanity. We are a health company dedicated to making real progress toward improving the health of the people and communities we serve.

Ideas That Explore How to Elevate and Advance Health

Elevance Health Impact

Improving Healthcare Means Taking a Broader View

Without a place to call home and caught in a familiar and unwanted cycle of emergency room visits and hospitalizations, James Bastel didn’t eat regularly and wasn’t able to consistently take his medications. His health-related social needs also got in the way of his ability to establish a regular relationship with a doctor or clinic.

Whole Health And What Drives It Elevance Health Impact
Dr. Shantanu Agrawal December 15, 2023

A Health Equity Story

How Value-Based Care Can Advance Health Equity

The healthcare system has been working for years to find ways to advance health equity, improve health outcomes, and curb rising health costs. One way to create this change is to partner with care providers and pay them for improving their patients’ health outcomes, otherwise known as value-based care.

Health Equity
November 22, 2023

Health Equity

Health equity is about giving everyone the chance to be as healthy as possible. More equitable healthcare is attainable. However, health inequities impact all of us, causing higher illness and death rates and greater financial strain at both community and national levels. It is imperative we overcome these barriers that prevent better health for everyone. 

A Health Equity Story

Why Health Equity Affects Us All

Health equity and health equality have very different meanings, which may be best explained through an example. Say you went to buy new shoes for your three children. Beyond choosing which shoes they like, the children also need shoes that fit, because they should be able to walk, run, and play with their friends without worrying about shoes that pinch their feet or could fall off.

While “equality” would have dictated that they get the same size shoes — ignoring their differences and specific needs — “equity” prevailed because getting them the shoe size that fit was fair and what they needed to succeed. The consequence of an “equality” approach could have meant sore feet and maybe even injuries. There is a nuanced but important distinction between the two concepts.

We are cultivating and sustaining a system that advances health equity by collaborating with care and service providers and communities, tailoring policies and programs, and supporting greater access to care.” 

Shantanu Agrawal

Elevance Health Chief Health Officer