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Whole Health and What Drives It

We are taking a holistic view that can transform health. It’s one that considers not just traditional physical factors, but behavioral and social factors, too. This makes it clear that health is the result of our daily experiences and circumstances, from what we eat and where we live to our place of employment and how we get to work. When we consider the whole person and the factors that influence their health, we can make lasting positive change.

A Broader and More Holistic View

If you worry about losing your home or lack access to consistent transportation, caring for your health becomes a challenge. We are widening the scope of health and how the health system behaves. When both work in collaboration, we can improve outcomes and health equity.

Elevance Health is putting our approach into action. We’re partnering with communities to co-design and implement inclusive strategies that will drive health forward.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be healthy. This starts by understanding that while the world around you influences your health — you have power to improve it. We are looking at the many factors that contribute to individual health and partnering in the smartest ways to improve it."

Shantanu Agrawal, MD

Elevance Health Chief Health Officer

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