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Consumer-Centered Health System

A consumer-centered health system places people at the center and helps them care for their health in a way that best works for them. It connects a broad range of information to produce a comprehensive picture, allowing them to see the full view of their health rather than navigating through a disjointed system.

Putting People at the Center

In today’s landscape, a consumer-centered system has never been more important. This is a system that makes it easy and seamless to find and join a support group, understand the results of a blood test, or get a second opinion.

Elevance Health accelerates progress toward a simpler healthcare experience. Using empathy and humility, we put our vast data and proprietary digital platform to work, generating personalized, actionable insights. Ultimately, in this reimagined healthcare system, it will be easier for individuals to actively shape and better their own health.

We're seamlessly connecting digital, virtual, and in-person care in a way that simplifies the consumer experience and ultimately makes healthcare more equitable, more affordable, and simpler."

Bryony Winn

President, Health Solutions, Elevance Health

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