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Community Health

Community health plays a more important role in our lives than most of us realize. Our whole health is heavily influenced by those around us in many ways. When people have access to green space and public transportation, nearby stores with nutritious food, and the support of neighbors — both community and individual health benefit.

Strengthening the Health of Communities

Healthier communities lead to healthier people. It takes deliberate action to maintain the health of a community — action that helps both the individual and the community itself.

Elevance Health values and nurtures our local ties. They are a key component of our whole-health approach, and they drive us to work closely with community organizations that create support networks. Using our extensive data, we also identify the resources needed to support local residents, including the people we serve, to ensure those resources can better meet local needs. Together, we can improve overall health and advance equity, strengthening communities even in challenging times.

Our communities have significant influence on our individual health. We work closely with communities to improve conditions that affect the drivers of health, such as access to quality healthcare, housing, transportation, and nutritious food."

Shantanu Agrawal, MD

Elevance Health Chief Health Officer