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Social Drivers of Health

Community Health Worker Program Increased Access to Outpatient Care

Community Health Workers (CHWs) aim to improve the health of community members through services such as health education, referrals to community resources, language interpretation and translation, informal counseling, and patient advocacy.

What’s Driving Our Health Study

To better understand how people view their health, we conducted a nationally representative survey of adults to establish benchmarks and guide efforts. 

Doula Care Found to Improve Maternal Health Outcomes

Maternal health begins before pregnancy, lasts beyond birth, and has far-reaching consequences. To evaluate whether doula care improves outcomes for high-risk expectant mothers, a retrospective cohort study was conducted with our affiliate health plan Medicaid members.

Explore Additional Research

Read more research on the drivers of health and the peer-reviewed findings of Elevance Health researchers, who have partnered with universities and professional associations to identify trends and evaluate benefits, services and programs.