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Our Approach To Health

Improving health for everyone is possible. It begins by redefining health, reimagining the health system, and strengthening our communities:

  • The physical aspects of health have been traditionally the focus and the priority for healthcare. However, unique life circumstances and experiences impact every individual and their health. Taking a step back and looking more broadly at what drives health, it’s clear that health should be redefined to include the social and behavioral factors with the physical.
  • To support health more holistically, we also need to reimagine the health system. This starts with harnessing data, which gives a more complete picture of each individual and their health needs; this can help make healthcare more personalized and equitable.
  • Strengthening communities has a positive effect on health. Building partnerships and creating connections within communities supports whole health.

Elevance Health champions this whole-health approach, and we are committed to these changes with a focus in five core areas:

Whole Health and What Drives It

We are taking a holistic approach that can transform health. It’s one that considers not just traditional physical factors, but behavioral and social factors, too.


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Community Health

Healthier communities lead to healthier people. Strengthening communities is foundational to how we approach health.


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Health Equity

More equitable healthcare is attainable. We take a personalized and intentional approach to ensure that people can receive individualized care.


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Digitally Enabled Healthcare

Digital technologies have the power to synthesize lab results and personal habits, analyze community trends, and scan decades of comparison data to offer relevant solutions and treatments. 


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Consumer-Centered Health System

We place people at the center of everything we do, accelerating progress toward a simpler healthcare experience. Using empathy and humility, we put our vast data and proprietary digital solutions to work, generating personalized, actionable insights.

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