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Behavioral Health

Bringing a Whole-Health Approach to Behavioral Health

At Elevance Health, we believe a comprehensive approach is needed to address the behavioral health of our communities.

The State of the Nation’s Mental Health

Elevance Health listens to those on the front lines of behavioral healthcare and uses data to gain a deeper understanding of the people we serve. We developed a report on this subject analyzing more than 27 million healthcare claims and results from our nationwide clinician survey.

Effective Behavioral Healthcare Addresses Both the Medical and Nonmedical Factors That Shape Health

Behavioral health affects nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Yet despite clear connections between behavioral health and physical health conditions, our healthcare system has long siloed behavioral health treatment, making it difficult for care providers to holistically treat a person’s health. At Elevance Health, we’re taking a whole-health approach to improve access, affordability, and outcomes.

When COVID-19 Shifted Behavioral Healthcare to Telehealth, Hispanic People Adopted it at a Higher Rate

Telehealth visits for behavioral healthcare significantly increased during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, but not all people adopted the technology equally. Researchers studied whether gaps in behavioral health care access and outcomes changed during the pandemic and whether telehealth availability played a role in any changes.

First Study on Caregiving Apps Shows Improvements in Caregiver Experience

The number of people in the United States serving as unpaid caregivers is on the rise, sitting at 53 million as of 2020.  They provide care in a wide range of situations -- for children, older adults, family or friends managing chronic conditions, or partners with specialized healthcare needs. Caregiver burden is also rising, leading to negative health outcomes like mental distress and sleep deprivation, in addition to issues with quality of life and work-life balance. 

Explore Additional Research

Read more research on the drivers of health and the peer-reviewed findings of Elevance Health researchers, who have partnered with universities and professional associations to identify trends and evaluate benefits, services and programs.