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Value-Based Payment Programs in Healthcare and Their Application to Pharmacies

April 2023
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Pharmacies and pharmacists have expanded their clinical roles beyond medication dispensing and adherence, to include medication adjustment, vaccination, and outcomes monitoring. Value-based payment (VBP) in pharmacy has the potential to recognize these contributions that improve patient outcomes and affordability.

Over the last decade, VBP programs have evolved to pay providers based on the quality and value of the care they provide rather than solely based on the volume of services delivered. Pharmacists, with their expanded scope of services and clinical expertise, can contribute to and be recognized for improved patient outcomes via participation in VBP programs.  However, pharmacy VBP is less established and can benefit from learnings from other VBP programs in healthcare. 

In general, VBP models that have demonstrated greater success to date include those with mandatory participation, longer contracting periods, risk-sharing on the part of the provider or organization, and technical and professional support for providers.  Further, pharmacy program metrics should be standardized and built on current reporting programs, particularly with respect to clinical management of patients.


  • Context for VBP in Healthcare
  • VBP in Pharmacy Services
  • Impact of Current VBP Measures
  • Strategies for VBP in Pharmacy Going Forward

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