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How Elevance Health Is Supporting Community Health and Making a Difference in One Virginia Neighborhood

Elevance Health Impact December 13, 2022

Strong communities are built by individuals who lift each other up every day. In Alexandria, Virginia, one community sets an example of how people can work together — and mobilize support resources — to overcome barriers to health. Neighborhood leaders have built strong relationships with community health advocates such as Patricia Moreno, an Elevance Health associate from our Virginia health plan affiliate. Patricia makes regular visits to communities in the area to educate people about where and how to apply for Medicaid benefits. She helps identify transportation options to care providers, improving access to healthcare, and she also finds connections to nutritious food options for those experiencing food insecurity. Patricia has built trust within the neighborhood: She speaks their language, understands their culture, and is welcoming and available to all community members whenever they need her guidance.

Where others might see insurmountable odds and systemic barriers, Patricia and the women in this community find opportunities and the ability to empower each other. 

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