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Elevating Whole Health and Advancing Health Beyond Healthcare

We serve people across their entire health journey and address their full range of needs with an integrated whole-health approach. 

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Elevance Health brings together the concepts of elevate and advance, exemplified by our bold purpose of improving the health of humanity. We are a health company dedicated to making real progress toward improving the health of the people and communities we serve.

Ideas That Explore How to Elevate and Advance Health

Elevance Health Impact Concierge Care: Making Patient-Centered Care Easier and More Seamless
May 10, 2023
Managing a serious health condition is never easy. Just ask Kentucky resident Joliene Garlich, who has Crohn’s disease. She didn’t know much about the condition before being diagnosed, but she knew her symptoms kept her from feeling well and spending quality time with her family.
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A Digitally Enabled Healthcare Story Understanding the Benefits of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
May 12, 2023
The healthcare industry generates about 30% of all the world’s data volume and that number is expected to grow to 36% by 2025. What preferred tool does the healthcare industry use to successfully organize, manage, and access that large amount of patient information collected by care providers? Electronic health records (EHRs).

Digitally Enabled Healthcare

Hidden in more than 30 years of healthcare data could be the cure for cancer, new therapies for mental illness, or insights into how nutrition can fend off disease. Digitally enabled healthcare integrates data, leverages artificial intelligence, and applies insights to improve healthcare. This includes care delivery, experiences, and outcomes.

A Digitally Enabled Healthcare Story

What People Want From Virtual Primary Care

The healthcare industry is evolving. A doctor’s visit today doesn’t always involve travel, spending time in a waiting room, and face-to-face interaction. Digital technology has transformed primary care beyond the in-person office visits we’re accustomed to. Virtual care — whether via phone, computer, or other connected devices — offers faster, more convenient access to providers. It gives people the flexibility to connect to care, when and where they prefer.

Recent research from Elevance Health and The Harris Poll showed about a third of people in the U.S. (32%) have ever used virtual primary care (VPC) and 94% of those who have done so say they’re satisfied with their VPC experience. VPC users also feel empowered; nearly four in five (79%) say VPC has helped them to take charge of their health.

We are hyper-focused on building and delivering personalized healthcare, recommendations, and support. AI-driven personalization helps deliver that information when it matters the most — and at a scale that was previously not possible.” 

Anil Bhatt

Elevance Health Global Chief Information Officer