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C-SNPs: Tailored Benefits Improve Patient Outcomes

June 2018

Individuals enrolled in Elevance Health-affiliated Medicare Advantage (MA) chronic condition special needs plans (C-SNPs) indicate that they highly value the tailored benefits, interconnected care, robust communication, and out-of-pocket savings — among other benefits — provided by their C-SNPs.

In November 2017, Elevance Health conducted three in-person focus groups and 10 one‑on‑one phone interviews with a total of 25 participants who are enrolled in Elevance Health-affiliated C-SNPs to better understand how enrollees perceive the benefits and overall value of their plans, as well as how they shop for and select their plans.

These discussions highlighted the significant value of C-SNPs for enrollees.


  • Access to care
  • Chronic care management
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Communication with providers
  • Individualized care plans

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