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What it Means to Infuse a Whole-Health Approach in Health Insurance Benefits

Elevance Health Impact
February 23, 2024

Brandi Hebert is a young professional with a full life, working as a teacher, living independently, and keeping a busy schedule. She’s also living with the effects of a brain tumor that has impacted her speech and mobility and requires regular physical therapy. For Kurt Small, president of Medicaid at Elevance Health, Brandi is proof that good health doesn’t only come from a visit to a doctor's office. A holistic view of health focuses on each individual’s physical, behavioral, and social needs. For Brandi, that means regular transportation to physical therapy and a real connection to her community. Data enables that big-picture view, helping personalize care and equip people with the resources and supports they need to lead their health and lives their way.

Hear Brandi and Kurt talk about reimagining the health system.

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