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Digitally Enabled Healthcare

Hidden in more than 30 years of healthcare data could be the cure for cancer, new therapies for mental illness, or insights into how nutrition can fend off disease. Digitally enabled healthcare integrates data, leverages artificial intelligence, and applies insights to improve healthcare. This includes care delivery, experiences, and outcomes.

The Power of Digital Technology

Digital technologies have the power to synthesize lab results and personal habits, analyze community trends, and scan decades of comparison data to offer relevant solutions and treatments. This way, the care we deliver is not only holistic, but more personal.

Elevance Health is proactively reshaping the future of healthcare. Our consumer-centered approach, grounded in equity and enabled by digital technology, is designed to improve outcomes and lower costs.

We want to provide a more holistic view of an individual’s health, building digital technologies into the fabric of our ecosystem so we have better outcomes and enhance efficiency in day-to-day health and wellness. That means shaping our technology roadmap to be more human- and community-centric."

Ashok Chennuru

Global Chief Data & Insights Officer, Carelon Digital Platforms

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