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Hidden in more than 30 years of healthcare data could be the cure for cancer, new therapies for mental health conditions, or insights into how nutrition can fend off disease. To find and act on these and other possibilities, teams both inside and outside healthcare must be able to access and generate insights from that data. When we do this, healthcare can become as seamless and intuitive as shopping from a mobile phone.

Driving Innovation Beyond Our Walls With Rapid Insights

Researchers, developers, and other experts need data to test healthcare solutions they can then deploy into the real world. This is the genesis behind the Elevance Health Digital Data Sandbox, which gives people outside of Elevance Health the ability to use our data to uncover new insights, build and train AI tools, and validate solutions with Elevance Health experts. Data is fully secured and encrypted, and personal information is removed to protect individual privacy.

Dozens of partners have used Elevance Health data in more than 50 projects to develop new methods for assessing a person’s risk for substance use disorder, predicting postpartum-depression risk, and evaluating the risk of breast cancer occurrence. Prevention can be the key to more positive outcomes for people with these and other conditions, and we are helping bring those interventions to life.

“In our complex healthcare system, numerous partners manage disparate pieces of the puzzle,” said Ashok Chennuru, global chief data and insights officer, Carelon Digital Platforms. “The Digital Data Sandbox creates a way to safely share the data that could solve health challenges we are not likely to solve on our own.”

"It’s not only about having the data — it’s about assembling it in a way that enhances the consumer experience and improves health outcomes."

Investing in a Seamless, Connected Healthcare System

In the presence of dozens of options, it can be challenging to pinpoint the very best medication or most effective treatments for any one person. With data pulled from primary care clinics, pharmacies and hospital systems, Carelon Digital Platforms’ Health OS platform links the data of more than 45 million people and tracks health trends and social insights for individual members and across populations. Health OS drives deeper, personalized insights into health risks and treatment, reduces costs and complexity, and improves decision making and collaboration at every level of care.

Seamlessly integrating with providers’ existing systems, Health OS allows doctors to see patients’ records from other physicians, labs, and healthcare providers. Health OS can highlight relevant medications or services and identify patterns in lab results. Follow-up prescriptions and referrals happen faster, and members spend less time filling out forms and answering redundant questions.

“With all this data at our fingertips, we can take a more holistic view of individual health while also identifying opportunities to improve health community wide,” Chennuru said. “It’s not only about having the data — it’s about assembling it in a way that enhances the consumer experience and improves health outcomes.”

Data is a powerful tool in the pursuit of health equity, and Health OS helps harness that data to ensure that everyone can be as healthy as possible.

Giving Members Access to Care How, When, and Where They Want It

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that getting the right care in the right place, at the right time, can be challenging. With the use of telehealth growing to a rate 38 times higher than before the pandemic, it’s clear that people expect convenience from their healthcare. A spectrum of care delivery options is available through the Sydney Health app – digital, virtual, and in-person.

Sydney Health lets members initiate care with an AI-driven symptom checker, which uses the information the member provides to assess their symptoms. If needed, Sydney Health can connect eligible members to a virtual text visit or a video visit with a healthcare provider.

Virtual text visits offer convenience and privacy, while virtual video visits allow a doctor to see what members are experiencing, diagnose symptoms, and offer treatment options. If a member needs an in-person visit as a next step, Health OS eases the transition because health information from the previous steps will be automatically available.

“Consumers increasingly expect their healthcare experience to smoothly fit into their busy lives. It’s about getting what they need how, when, and where they want it – as they do in other parts of their lives,” Chennuru said. “In collaboration with our care provider partners, we are continually seeking ways to make healthcare more convenient.”

Elevance Health’s digital platform for health fuels a reimagined health system that uncovers and leverages data insights, optimizes the time and talent of healthcare providers, and ensures individuals can take care of their health in a way that works for them.

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