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Cristobal Garcia: Taking the Lead on Work and Community Initiatives to Improve Health

Elevance Health Impact October 18, 2023

Cristobal Garcia, Project Manager

When you have a heart for helping others, it shows in everything you do. Cristobal Garcia has a passion for helping people, and he’s proud to lead work and community initiatives that improve health and enhance quality of life.

A project manager for Elevance Health-affiliated Medicaid health plans, Garcia plans, organizes, and oversees the work that goes into a specific project. His current project focuses on reducing hospital readmission by leveraging care management programs and community partnerships. Garcia’s direction helps improve processes, productivity, and increases the quality of care.

Garcia is also involved in efforts to support HIV/AIDS prevention and education, and LGBTQ+ Health. He’s enterprise chair of Elevance Health’s PRIDE (Promoting Respect, Individuality, Diversity and Equality) Business Resource Group (BRG) and is active in several initiatives in his community.

What are some of your interests?

I am a huge foodie! I love to explore new restaurants locally and try new things when traveling. I also make simple, yet tasty, dishes with whatever I have in the fridge. Given my Dominican background, I love dancing merengue, the national dance of the Dominican Republic.

Tell us about your community service roles.

I have been a longtime supporter of Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), the first HIV/AIDS service organization. It combines my interest in supporting the LGBTQ+ community and impacting the HIV/AIDS epidemic. I also channel my passion of the arts through my involvement with the Bronx Museum’s community advisory council, where I connect with the community and participate in events throughout the city. I really enjoy taking part in AIDS Walk NY, recently sponsored by the Elevance Health-affiliated health plan in New York, and I have served as the team captain.

What work projects and accomplishments are you especially proud of?

I’ve worked on numerous whole health and cost of care projects throughout the years. This includes a school-based asthma program in public schools throughout New York City, developing partnerships with community-based organizations supporting the social needs of members living with HIV, and improving the quality of life for members at risk for hospital readmission. But I’m most proud of the connections I have made along the way. Additionally, I obtained my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2018. This accomplishment opened the path for further career growth, allowing me to make a larger impact in the work I do.

What was a fulfilling moment when you knew your work had a positive impact on our members?

In my prior role as a care coordinator, I was able to support a member as he sought the independence he needed to leave an abusive household. He did not know how to navigate the social services system, which posed a barrier to him prioritizing his health needs. The day he called me to tell me he was in his new apartment and finally re-engaged in healthcare, was a day that will always stand out for me.

How do you strive for and maintain your own good health and well-being?

I’m mindful of both my physical and mental well-being, always trying to find a good balance between my work and personal life. I try to exercise several times a week and spend quality time with those I love. It’s about balancing all aspects of your life and finding ways to “fill your cup” when life takes a toll.

I enjoy running in different parks throughout the Bronx, going to cultural events, and visiting local beaches. Through my passion of traveling, I can escape my day-to-day, connect with people internationally, and raise my cultural awareness.

Best workplace advice you would give to other associates?

Get involved in projects and initiatives outside of your day-to-day. That could be raising your hand on a new project, connecting with associates outside your division, getting involved in our volunteer space, or becoming an active member of our BRGs. You will simultaneously develop yourself professionally and make an impact on the company’s culture.

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