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Adriana Agnew: Supporting Health and Wellness Through Community, Creativity, and Culture

Elevance Health Impact October 27, 2023

Compassion and caring make up Adriana Agnew’s DNA. A registered nurse for more than two decades, Agnew is committed to improving health and making a difference in a person’s life. She calls it one of the most rewarding parts of her career.

A manager for Elevance Health’s affiliated Medicaid health plans, Agnew leads a team of care coordinators who engage with members, identify their health needs, and help remove barriers to care.

“We look at our members’ whole health,” Agnew said. “We address their overall lifestyle, environment, history, and behaviors that may be causing or exacerbating their condition, and we provide information, resources, and support to meet their unique circumstances.”

Agnew embraces opportunities to engage with people and make an impact. It’s one of the reasons she joined, and is now enterprise chair, of SOMOS, the Elevance Health Business Resource Group (BRG) that supports the personal and professional growth of Hispanic/Latino associates. The group champions diversity and efforts to close the gap on health disparities and social drivers of health.

“I joined SOMOS because I find a sense of community,” Agnew said. “I also have the opportunity to work with many different people, and network within Elevance Health and externally.”

Agnew created a mentoring program for SOMOS, and she’s also a mentor for the American Nurses Association.

What work accomplishment are you especially proud of?

I was the winner of the Elevance Health Innovation Challenge in 2021. The challenge inspired associates to find a solution to better deliver value for our members. My team came in first place with our transportation idea called “Committed to getting you there on time,” which helps members in need of transportation to their appointments. The goal was to eliminate a variety of challenges that led to missed or late rides. Our solution involved several methods to streamline the process and create easy access to transportation for our members.

How does your, and your team’s, commitment to our values and purpose make Elevance Health a great place to work?

I promote an atmosphere of creativity. I collaborate with my team to develop innovative ways to perform tasks, improve efficiency and productivity, and deliver on projects.

Best business/workplace advice you would give to other associates?

When you are a lifelong learner, you gain expertise to enhance your career. Get involved with Elevance Health’s BRGs to expand your knowledge and networking skills.

How do you strive for and maintain your own good health and well-being?

I eat healthy. I write a menu and prepare all meals for the week. I enjoy walking, going to the park, attending outdoor festivals and concerts, exercising, and ice skating with my son. I love family time. Our family turns off the electronic devices, and we have movie night and board game night — I really enjoy playing card games.

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