Our whole health approach, addressing the physical, behavioral, and social drivers that impact health, starts at home. Our nearly 100,000 associates serve our customers, business partners, and communities by connecting them to care, support, and resources that impact whole health.

Regular listening sessions during the pandemic brought into sharper focus what was emerging in employer surveys and research across the country: workers were stretched thin and needed support. Recognizing the importance of supporting our own associates on their health journeys, we launched the COVID Associate Resource Exchange (CARE) Services and a new caregiver benefits program to support our associates’ mental and emotional wellbeing.

Prioritizing the well-being of associates

Connecting associates — who needed help but didn’t know where to begin — with resources is why we launched Associate CARE Services. This online community, with its 24/7 concierge, includes email and chat features and an array of other support, including help accessing food, utilities, transportation, childcare, and caregiving services — or even lending a confidential ear.

A severe weather event in Texas last February brought days of subfreezing temperatures and power outages, causing extensive damage to property and hundreds of deaths. Many of our associates were left without food, water, and heated shelter; the Associate CARE Services gave additional support to our associates during this challenging time.

Given the positive impact Associate CARE Services had on those in need, we will look to expand the program to both associates and customers throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Providing a new caregiver-support benefit for associates

Caregiving takes many forms, from childcare and adult care to managing chronic conditions and specialized healthcare needs. Working family caregivers spend an average of 24 hours per week caring for a loved one in addition to their full-time job, a commitment that can take an enormous toll on a person’s mental and overall health.1 They serve an integral and irreplaceable role in their family, in our healthcare system, and in our society, and they were exponentially stretched during the pandemic.

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Anthem associate Vonda Wooden looks at photos of her mother.

Approximately 11,000 Anthem associates take care of a loved one.

One in six Anthem associates provide care for a loved one, which is why we launched a new associate benefit in partnership with the 2020 winner of our Fast-Track-To-Scale program, ianacare™.2 The elevated support services for associates include:

  • A comprehensive online-content portal focused on caregiver support, connecting associates to a community of their fellow working caregivers.
  • A mobile app with access to local resources and Anthem-specific benefits for both the associate and their loved one.
  • An unlimited, on-demand mobile live chat feature with highly specialized caregiving coaches to answer questions, set up one-to-one calls, and help associates manage their unique situations.

When Vonda Wooden, one of our corporate communication specialists, learned her mother was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), she knew she needed help. Using the Anthem ianacare benefit, she was able to support her mother despite living 2,500 miles away. With the guidance of a caregiver navigator, she found doctors for her mother, secured transportation for medical visits, and arranged to have her prescriptions delivered. She was able to connect her mother with senior day programs to provide her with a sense of community.

“It has been a great support,” Vonda said. “My caregiver navigator has been a wealth of information. She walked me through my goals and kept me accountable.”

In a recent study, we discovered that employee caregivers with access to ianacare saw an 83% increase in productivity, a 30% decrease in stress and burden, and reported 96% employee satisfaction.

By addressing the physical, behavioral, and social factors that make up health, we can better care for the associates who care for our members. The programs and support avenues we created for our associates reinforce this belief.

We truly value our associates and through these and many other wellness programs, Anthem is providing them with peace of mind, encouragement, and empowerment.

According to our associate survey results, 80% of associates responded they feel valued in our organization.

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