Shareholder Information

Corporate Headquarters

WellPoint, Inc.
120 Monument Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46204-4903

Account Questions

Our transfer agent, Computershare, can help you with a variety of shareholder-related services, including:
• Change of address
• Transfer of stock to another person
• Lost stock certificates
• Additional administrative services

Please include your name, address and telephone number with all correspondence, and specify the most convenient time to contact you.

You can call Computershare toll-free at: (866) 299-9628 Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

Written correspondence can be sent to:
WellPoint Shareholder Services
c/o Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
P.O. Box 43037
Providence, Rhode Island 02940-3037

Online Materials

WellPoint is committed to sustainability practices that reduce its carbon footprint. Please visit under the “Investor Info” tab for SEC filings, financial press releases, stock performance and details about upcoming events.

WellPoint and the WellPoint Flag Design are registered marks of WellPoint, Inc. Anthem is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and symbols and BlueCard are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, an association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans.

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Investor and Shareholder Information

Shareholders may receive, without charge, a copy of WellPoint, Inc.’s Annual Report on Form 10-K, including consolidated financial statements, as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (which is WellPoint, Inc.’s Annual Report to Shareholders). WellPoint’s Annual Report and other information are also available on WellPoint’s Investor Relations Web site at To request an Annual Report or additional information, please choose from one of the following:

Institutional Investors

WellPoint, Inc.
Investor Relations Department
120 Monument Circle
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-4903
(317) 488-6390

Individual Shareholders

WellPoint, Inc.
Shareholder Services Department
120 Monument Circle
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-4903
(800) 985-0999 (toll free)

Annual Meeting

The 2009 annual meeting of shareholders of WellPoint, Inc. will be held at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Wednesday, May 20, 2009, at the Hilton Hotel at 120 West Market Street, Indianapolis, Indiana

Market Price of Common Stock

WellPoint’s common stock, par value $0.01 per share, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol “WLP.” On February 11, 2009, the closing price on the NYSE was $43.79. As of February 11, 2009, there were 114,944 shareholders of record of the common stock. The following table presents high and low sales prices for the common stock on the NYSE for the periods indicated.

  High Low
First Quarter $90.00 $43.02
Second Quarter 57.06 44.30
Third Quarter 57.86 43.18
Fourth Quarter 48.13 27.50
First Quarter $84.15 $73.88
Second Quarter 86.25 77.98
Third Quarter 83.55 72.90
Fourth Quarter 89.95 75.08


WellPoint, Inc. has not to date paid cash dividends on common stock. The declaration and payment of future dividends will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.